Romania can be described in one word, “enchanting.” The country brims of history, regency and magic. The tales it inspired and the world that transpired from all of it will make you think you’ve been transported into another world. Romania is a bucket list must with its mist of mystery and rich history. Bran’s CastleThe castle that inspired the famous novel “Dracula,” Bran’s castle will boggle your minds with mystery. It is deemed a historical site for good reason.The Sphinx and BabeleThe Sphinx and Babele is nature’s gift to Romania. The natural rock formations are theorized to have been created by strong winds and rain. These historic landmarks are in the Bucegi Mountains.SighisoaraFound in Transylvania, Sighisoara is a preserved medieval town. It holds a medieval festival in July, and that will transport you back in time.Danube DeltaDanube Delta is simply majestic, holding twenty-three ecosystems on its own. The scenic view and the presence of life will make you want to stay longer than intended.Romania offers so many places and the experiences you gain can never be summed in a sentence. Romania is simply magical, and that’s what makes it a great place for the curious minds that want to explore.